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  • April 18, 2019
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    The Story

    Just a word of advice, from us to you: When you and your spouse have this "great" idea to bike across the country in ten years when your youngest child graduates college, it will sneak up on you at lightning speed. Then, your summer will be spent looking at maps of wind direction, road surfaces, and temperature variances. Of course, there's also the city and accommodation searches, lists of outlets for "technical" support, and don't forget, you will actually have to train for this epic journey. Just when you think it's all perfectly planned, your wife just might say, "Are you sure we want to go from East to West?"

    We are Merrick and Stephanie, a firefighter and Captain with South King County Fire & Rescue and Port of Seattle Fire, respectively. On September 1, 2016, after ten years of planning, we will begin the trip of a lifetime as we set off to bike from East Coast to West Coast. The past few years have truly flown by, and we now find ourselves approaching the starting line. Five years ago, we set out on a trial run, biking from Seattle to San Francisco, leaving right from the front steps of our fire stations. In our minds, we pictured this trip would be the same; but somehow this felt different. Through the years we have seen many of our friends and family struggle through the different phases of numerous cancers and life-altering diseases and as we've set out on different training rides, our thoughts have been consumed with the lives of those who can’t make this journey with us.

    We all know someone fighting to live a normal life. We have personally been touched by loved ones battling pancreatic and brain cancers, ALS, and Parkinson's disease. And as firefighters, we also have a cherished relationship with children who have suffered as a result of burn injuries. So now, instead, we are biking off into the unknown, and asking you to support our causes and to spread the word to all you know:

    -Stephanie and Merrick

    Mar 18, 2019
    That's right... Our dear friends Merrick and Stephanie are on another amazing journey to raise awareness and financial support for a number of charities, including the WSCFF Burn Foundation! This time around, the dynamic duo is riding from Key West to Nova Scotia. Please stay tuned for news and updates as they travel up the right coast. Be sure to like the "Because Some Can't" page and also follow them on Facebook. Here is the post from day 1 (March 4th) of their ride: It’s been a long time planning and anticipation for this East coast ride. Today we set out from the southernmost point buoy in Key West. I was so excited for the many bridges that we would ride from key to key and they didn’t disappoint me. We saw lots of wildlife both in the water and on land and some were even the two-legged kind :-). Today we rode for our neighbor Karleigh. She loves when the weather gets nice and the front door to the house can stay open and she greats everyone with her fists raised high in happiness. Karleigh has cerebral palsy and we are honored to start our ride off in her honor! Here’s to you Karleigh! Your donation will be used to benefit pancreatic & brain cancer, ALS, Parkinson's, and burn injury research and treatment. Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity!
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